Why joining us on our launch in North America could be great for your business.

We get the basics right.
Our partnership means more than just products

it's a commitment to your success. We've customized our resin systems for maximum UV resistance and flexibility for fluctuating climates, while partnering with European quarries for the finest aggregates. Choosing Vuba means choosing a proven system built on decades of development and know-how – it's more than a product, it's enduring quality.

Who are Vuba Stone?

Vuba Stone is the North American brand of Vuba Chemical Innovations, a European manufacturer of resin based flooring and surfacing products established in 2009.

14 years of innovation and more than 10,000,000 Square Feet manufactured and sold mean you are experienced, safe hands with your suppliers.

Why is it different?

We were pleased to be called “the most popular stand” at the World of Concrete 2023, but it wasn’t all for the right reasons. A “stone and glue” system like Vuba Stone is known to the North American market, but mostly for the wrong reasons.

Brief history of the market

Until recently, “stone and glue” systems had been epoxy based. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re aware that epoxies suffer degradation from UV exposure and become brittle and amber coloured over time. This, along with stone choice and depth, are the reasons these systems did not last long. Dr Otto Bayer pioneered Polyurethane Chemistry 80 years again in Europe, and it’s popularity has been as a result of it’s excellent UV stability, durability and flexibility.

What makes Vuba Stone Different?

The answer is 3 reasons. We approach the system holistically. A great resin won’t work without a great stone. A great stone won’t work at the wrong size. And the right stone and resin won’t work if the system isn’t applied correctly. Let's explore these reasons below...

The 3 reasons we are better.

The Right Resin

Firstly, you need the right type of resin. Our system is based upon an Aliphatic Urethane 2-Component Resin. Dr Otto Bayer pioneered Polyurethane Chemistry 80 years again in Europe, and it’s popularity has been as a result of it’s excellent UV stability, durability and flexibility.

Our catalysts in our resins are designed to hep you have the perfect working and curing times, adjusted bespoke to the weather in your area and temperatures for installations.

But we don’t use any old Urethane Resin. Our systems have been specially adapted and modified for maximum UV resistance, maximum flexibility and maximum life expectancy.

The Right Stone

We have partnerships with quarries throughout Europe, where we process the best quartz, marble and granite aggregates in the world. These are then shipped throughout Europe, to the UK and now North America for our Vuba systems.

Our aggregates are specifically sourced for their durability, strength and to make sure they give a beautiful aesthetic. Every stone in our range is hand selected to be the perfect match for our resin systems.

Just like with Asphalt Paving, not every stone is suitable. The stone composition, size, angularity and the spread of sizes within a blend all have a huge impact on strength.

The Right System

There are certain principles which hold true for all of our systems. For maximum strength, a Vuba Stone system should be applied at a depth that is 3x more than the largest stone in the mix.

Stones ought to be distributed from large to small at an exact ratio within the blend, and we even consider properties such as the absorption properties of a stone. By doing so, we know the exact amount of “Effective Binder Content” one of our systems contains.

The end result is a tried and tested system, formulated and produced by Vuba for excellent longevity and performance. When you buy from Vuba Stone, you are buying not just the product, but decades of product development and expertise.

'The best stand at World of Concrete 2023'

The incredible level of interest and engagement we received at World of Concrete in Vegas surpassed our expectations. The response was overwhelming, with over 500 inquiries on the first day alone! Visitors stepped onto a fully installed resin stone floor, tested their trowelling skills on the demo podium, felt our marble aggregate blends on the walls, observed the installation process, and interacted with our expert Vuba dealers.

This hands-on engagement made our booth the bustling hub of activity, and we can’t wait to bring it back for WOC 2024!

Strategic processing plant in Spain

We source exquisite genuine marble aggregates through our European partners, Teseris Stone in Spain. Our partnership ensures top-quality marble aggregates from the finest quarries for your surfacing needs.

Beautiful Spanish Aggregate

These stunning pieces of marble are meticulously crushed, rolled, washed, and dried before they are supplied to you.The aggregates come in an array of captivating colors and shades. From the allure of creamy whites to the rich depth of classic grays, our selection of stone caters to a spectrum of customer tastes.

10,000,000 Sq Ft sold

A remarkable milestone that stands as a testament to the commitment we hold toward delivering superior products for the resin industry. With each square foot that has found its way into homes and projects, we have solidified our reputation as a reliable source of excellence in the world of resin stone.

We're extremely social

Our content across social media has had more than 100,000,000 views and counting! TikTok, in particular, has been a significant platform for connecting with our audience in North America. Our large and engaged following allows us to reach millions when sharing impressive projects installed by our dealers, making a significant impact in the digital landscape and spreading the resin stone word.