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Our Vuba Stone dealers are all hand selected to be part of the Vuba team. They embark on a detailed 2 day training course.

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The benefits of using a Vuba Dealer

30 Years in the making

A system 30 years in the making but new to North America, Vuba Stone is now available through our network of dealers.

Next Generation Technology

All of our systems are made using a UV Resistant Urethane Resin. A highly durable and flexible resin binder which is mixed in two parts.

Real European Marble & Quartz

Vuba Stone is available in a range of genuine marbles and quartz stones quarried from the finest European quarries.

We Invest in our Dealers

Each of our dealers have undergone training on real life projects and are given the best technical help, advice and support.

Why use a Vuba Dealer?

Using a Vuba approved dealer means gaining exclusive access to a diverse range of exceptional Resin Stone products, elevating the quality of your project.

Our approved dealers receive comprehensive training and ongoing support, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest industry practices and innovations. With a focus on continuous improvement, our dealers deliver outstanding results and customer satisfaction.

30 Years in the making

The result of three decades of dedication, innovation, and expertise, our Vuba Stone system has been carefully crafted and refined over time. Now, this system is making its debut on North American soil, bringing with it a legacy of excellence that's unrivalled in the industry.For 30 years, we've pushed the boundaries, perfecting every nuance and detail to offer a resin surfacing solution that stands as a testament to our commitment to quality. As we bring Vuba Stone to North America, a network of trained and approved dealers stands ready to transform your outdoor areas.

Next Generation Technology

No more Epoxy! This is not your old school epoxy and stone surfacing! At Vuba stone we are constantly improving our products or inventing new ones to build the resin industry. Our Resin Bound surfacing is made from a Polyurethane Resin rather than the traditional Epoxy Resin previously used in the USA. Polyurethane has been used for decades in the UK and Europe and has been proven to be superior in strength, longevity and UV stability just to name a few. Not sure? Get in touch and we can send you all of our technical data and tests to help you feel more supported, as well as talk to one of our friendly technical team!

Real European Marble & Quartz

We've established collaborations with quarries across Europe, where we meticulously process the world's finest quartz, marble, and granite aggregates. These premium materials are then transported to North America to support our Vuba systems. To acquire exquisite, genuine marble aggregates, we rely on our partnership with Teseris Stone in Spain, a trusted European partner. This partnership guarantees access to the highest-quality marble aggregates from the most esteemed quarries to meet your surfacing requirements. These magnificent marble pieces undergo a thorough process of crushing, rolling, washing, and drying before being supplied to you.

We Invest in our Dealers

Our dealers are part of the Vuba Stone Family! We make sure we go above and beyond to provide support, up to date training and regular check ins with our dealers. Anything they need we get right on it so they can provide the best service at all times. We make it a priority to keep the teams updated with all new information or any changes so they have the most recent information. We make sure our dealers have the same positive ethos and strive for perfection just like we do!

Customer Testimonial

From start to finish, the entire process was seamless, and the results have exceeded all of my expectations. The decision to replace my old driveway was not one I took lightly, but after extensive research and several recommendations from friends, I decided to go with Vuba Stone.

I can now confidently say that it was one of the best decisions I've made as a homeowner. First and foremost, the installation process was efficient and professional. The team at Vuba Stone was not only skilled but also incredibly courteous and respectful of my property. They took the time to explain the entire process to me and kept me informed every step of the way. The attention to detail was impressive, and it was evident that they took pride in their work.
- Amy Jackson

How does Vuba Stone hold up in the heat?

We can handle the heat! Our UV Vuba Stone Resin Bound is specifically designed to take on the intense heat that can be found in North American areas.

We tested our products in the height of temperatures in Arizona to make sure our product perform exactly as they should. Our products use specific catalyst levels that are adjusted to the current weather on the day meaning each project is ready to take on the temperatures, in addition our dealers know exactly how to handle the weather changes on the day from their training courses.

After installation day, your product won’t be affected by temperature and the UV Stability will withstand the sun throughout it’s life span.

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