Resin Stone Faq's

These are our most commonly asked questions in the industry, if you don't see the answer you are looking for please use the form on our contact page.

General FAQ's

Everything you need to know about Resin Stone. Can't find an answer? Visit our contact us page.

Can Resin Stone be used for backyards/patios/swimming pools?

Yes! Our Vuba stone can be used in all of these environments, in fact it's perfect for it!

Can you lay it over old Tarmac or Concrete?

Yes you can! Speak to your dealers or give us a call about our overlay systems and the options we can offer you to create a brand new look to your old tarmac or concrete.

What does permeable mean?

Vuba Stone is permeable meaning that it will let the water flow through the surface - it's free draining! This means if your sub base is permeable underneath the water will just drain back into the earth, no drainage systems needed!

Is this just Epoxy and stone?

No! This is a brand new system of polyurethane resin and stone, not epoxy! It's much stronger, more durable and more UV resistant. Forget your old impression of the systems and find out how this new and improved system from Vuba Stone revolutionises the industry, making all the right changes.

What guarantee does this have?

We offer a 5 year guarantee on our materials.

Do you have a dealer near me?

We have our dealers nationwide so take a look at our dealer map or fill out our request a dealer page and we will send direct contact details of the dealer near you.

Can I drive on Vuba Stone?

Yes, it is suitable for vehicle traffic.